Where Is Svelte?

There are many scenarios where Svelte technology is used and with some research in to svelte as a topic, I have found that it is beneficial to use simply because svelte is faster than react and Vue which are its main competitors. People now are seeing a lot of potential in svelte, and there is a thriving community now. The svelte technology can pretty much be used in any web development that you want you can build an entire web app if you want and because it is a compiler that takes your components, converts them into efficient JavaScript files with a very small amount of framework code that surgically updates the DOM. Frameworks such as react and Vue use a virtual Dom to optimize rendering changes, which just isn’t as fast. Svelte however provides reactively without using a virtual DOM it does this by tracking changes to the top-level component variables that affect each component renders and only we are rendering those parts of the Dom when changes are detected this is why svelte has better performance.

There is a company in brazil called stone that makes point of sale systems that you can put credit cards in to pay for things, they tried building an interface for these devices with React and Vue and other frameworks and they couldn’t get the results they wanted it was just to slow the user experience wasn’t great they built it with svelte instead and it went amazingly and there are now 200,000 devices on the streets of Brazil running svelte, these are low power devices that don’t have the same amount of memory and CPU capacity we have on a smartphone nowadays.

Mustlab is another example of a company where svelte technology is being used to make applications for smart TVs, svelte is the perfect fit for them it allows them to be extremely productive without having to worry about performance, they are expanding svelte now into other areas of the business including the control panel for smart home automation. The future is the embedded web you’re wearables, internet of things and smart TVs.

Svelte makes many tasks easier including defining components, managing component state, managing the application state and adding animations. Its ability to produce bundle code that is significantly smaller than the alternatives. Having you work with plain vanilla JavaScript, CSS, and HTML with a little HTML conforming syntax on top making it really easy to learn.

It’s been called the “disappearing framework.” This feature is probably Svelte’s greatest innovation, and every framework is trying to adopt this now. There are zero client-side dependencies. None. Just the end JavaScript of the component itself.







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