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  Web Design Expert!

IT consultant based in Radcliffe near Bury, Greater Manchester, with a passion for all aspects of web design and building functional websites and apps. Although focussing primarily on helping local people and businesses clients are welcome from further afield. Devoted to effective intelligence we create visual communication that works showing ambition and will benefit our client needs from a small personal site to a fully functional bespoke e-commerce websites. I provide exceptional website development through creative ideas, three degrees and innovative technical solutions to deliver tangible results to you helping you achieve new horizons and markets giving you a professional presence where it matters in this digital age on the web. My web design products will help you create your digital dream converting it to an online identity thereby putting you before a global audience. My website development products also include mobile apps, social media, search engine optimization and responsive media design.

For state of the art website, mobile apps, and e-commerce website solutions please ring between 9am to 9pm. Currently located in Radcliffe near Bury Greater Manchester. Contact us now!

If you have stumbled upon this site by mere quirk of serendipity and are not interested in our web design products at the present time please consider following us on Twitter or visit the Dernier Cri Web Solutions blog page which aims to entertain as well as provide up to date details of our web development services. Free web design articles can also be found there!

Our Promise and what we do!


With great communication, effort and a high level of technical expertise I hope to create business relationships that will keep our clients happy and coming back to us time and time again. I'll take and shape your initial concepts into a workable, elegant and usable solution. Working closely with you and by discussing your project in depth I'll clearly define your business and user goals, designing your website map and database should one be required and meticulously going through all the essential planning. Ultimately my main aim for all website development services is for complete client satisfaction and value for money in all of web design projects.

Just as the Greater Manchester folk of Bury, Radcliffe, Lancashire and surrounding areas are renowned for their friendliness, bonhomie and good-nature you will find Dernier Cri Web Solutions very approachable with all website development enquiries given the full consideration they deserve.


I run a small digital web design product consultancy business based in Radcliffe near Bury, Greater Manchester, that prides itself on honesty from the off. I do not make false promises as to raising hopes about what can be delivered from a technical and time scale aspect and giving false expectations, thereby not wasting your time or mine. Web development is my passion and my ultimate goal is to make you the client a very happy customer!

I offer unrivalled value for money, considering the qualifications and experience I do have in this sometimes overpriced field. I sincerely believe that my web design products can give you the kind of modern web development that will look good for years to come and keep you coming back to me for more.

  Web Products

Please read through the web development products we offer in the section below and I hope you will feel tempted enough to make an initial enquiry through the contact form here or ring us during our opening times. Our web design products will also provide an ongoing maintenance service for your web development project should you so desire it for a very reasonable price. Your website design requirements can be taken via email and phone or through a face to face meeting which is why our web agency is primarily targeting people and businesses in the Radcliffe and Bury area of North Manchester. A small deposit is required for our own protection and payments can be made to our business paypal account or business bank account or if you're local cash is acceptable with perhaps a genrous discount.

Web design and Web development Products

  Web Development & Design!

As a highly experienced professional I will undertake any conventionally ethical kind of web development and web design from a single page personal site to a custom made e-commerce website or business web portal. My web design products will be visually stunning and being an avid jazz & classical guitarist I specialise in music video sites that can feature state of the art effects. E-commerce web development can include extra built in features like a real-time chat facility and your social media set up for you too. In other words E-commerce websites for the modern business world!

  Media Responsive Design

All sites unless otherwise requested will be optimized so that as near as possible the user receives the same viewing experience regardless of the media type ie. desktop, laptop,mobile phone or tablet device. This is called responsive media website design and is a prerequisite for the modern business website to give a great impression to their clients. My web and digital products will also offer discounts on already very competitive prices on web development that is to aimed at only one specific device and does not require responsive media website design.

  Mobile Apps

Do you fancy a modern mobile app downloadable from google play store with any of the features that might be found on today's mobile apps such as being able to take photographs or geolocation.

As a focussed individual with many years experience keeping up with the latest trends in the industry I can produce complex bespoke database form based apps and or mobile apps using top secure framework technology around for example catalogue or booking systems. If you have an idea please don't hesitate to call during my Radcliffe Greater Manchester opening hours for an informal chat in this area.

The Latest Web Design Technologies

  State of The Art!

All my website development uses the latest cutting-edge framework technology combined with expert traditional knowledge coupled with a desire to keep up with the latest trends in all areas of web design and web development from back-end server languages and databases to front-end languages and we are sure we can give you a product to be proud of to give you the modern look and functionality that is needed in today's world. But if it is a wordpress website you need then we can also set that up too. Please be aware that although sites like WIX and GODADDY seem attractive to people without specialist knowledge of web development that they will ask for more once you get beyond a basic page and that the ongoing subscription will soon surpass the one-off fee of our professional service.

  Branding & Graphic Design

Web design and branding products include logos, After Effects banner ads featuring animated text effects and video. Please note any photos supplied by the client reflect on the site, although they can be enhanced and edited small photos generally do not resize well.

There are many social media websites around now although facebook and twitter remain the two big players others such as pinboard, instagram and tumblr to name but a few are constantly growing in popularity. I can fix up your social media and include this in your website package too. Our social media page here highlights our social media presence with over to 3000 twitter followers now and growing daily.

  Music Products

Web sites and web development for musicians with high video content to showcase your performances. Or you may want a trailer with animated transitions for a number of videos highhlighting a few seconds coded with the latest javascript technologies. Your website will be fast and efficient. Perhaps you just need a blog to upload your music videos to. Here is the kind of thing that can be set up for you musician blog. This is fully media responsive and will look great on your devices, mobile phone and tablet.

Or you may need an app downloadable from google play store to highlight your videos, songs, recordings, cds and albums. Download a free music app showing the quality to be expected. This sample showcases ten albums that may change a guitarists life:- mobile app