Stripe Scammers

This blog will hopefully help small businesses and self-employed individuals avoid scammers using the payment gateway Stripe.

You may first be approached by email enquiring after a quote for a website stating an original budget say of £500 – £5000. Then when a quote is given say £2000 the scammer will supply a card details to be put through Stripe. The payment then fails and he/she asks for an invoice to be sent.

Stripe now only take invoices through third party people like: Simple Invoices.

The payment then goes through successfully after the scammer has paid the invoice. He/she then states that the details of the site will be supplied from their graphic designer, but would it be possible to send another invoice to pay the graphic designer since they’re away on a business trip abroad. Now none of this seems beyond the realms of possibility so far, but then when the first payment has already cleared and the money transferred to the colluding graphic designer, Stripe then raise a dispute wanting the money that has already gone through a 7 day clearing process and another third party back!

Anyone else having this sort of a headache should first contact your business bank and then report it to this site:-

Meanwhile send this person an email and ask him why he wants to cheat a self-employed fellow who only wants to help start ups and small businesses wanting a website or web application:-

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