The Allegory of Altebon The Hugglian

A long time ago and many light years away on the planet Huggleh lived a young Hugglian called Altebon. Unfortunately Altebon was born a freak of nature in respect to his fellow planet Hugglians who really were quite ugly in that he was extremely good looking, but as if that wasn’t a cross enough to bear for him he was extremely intelligent as well.

As he grow older he found that he didn’t have to say much to attract the opposite sex and the female Hugglis so for a few years he did what young men do without going in to too much detail here and without thinking too much of it either. Needless to say Altebon sailed through all the Hugglian exams around without so much as giving a second thought to what was said in the classroom when he was out of the school door.


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